Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS Free Download PC Game

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Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS Free Download PC Game

Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS Free Download PC Game Full Version. Download Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS Free through torrent link. Free Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS PC Game Download via direct link too.

Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS Free Download PC Game
Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS Free Download PC Game

Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS Free Download PC Game

Are you looking for Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS Game to free download in full version? You are on the right place to get it. Get all information about Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS PC Game. Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS free download full version pc game. Stay updated to get updates and latest games from our site. We are providing virus free games. There are no viruses or malwares in our games. All games are tested and scaned via antivirus. Feel free to download.

We are offering full version pc games to download from torrent links and direct link. Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS is really wonderful game that is popular between players. It got very positive reviews which proves its, awesome game in term of gameplay and story. The game doesn’t need much experience to play. Anyone with basic information of controls can play Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS.

Flashing Lights is an emergency services simulator with both single player and online multiplayer. Choose to enroll with the police, emergency medical services or fire department and climb the ranks of each role to unlock new missions and rewards. Each department will have its own variety of vehicles, equipment and abilities. Players can work together to tackle a variety of incidents taking place across a shared open world. Flashing Lights will be available on PC and Mac.


Usually the first to respond to a criminal incident, the police are equipped with the fastest cars and use a variety of equipment. Their roles vary from handing out parking tickets to engaging with dangerous suspects. They will do everything they can to prevent criminal activity and put a stop to any crimes in progress.


Ranging from traffic cones, to spike strips, to speed cameras, you’ll need to kit yourself out:

Spike strips
A variety of Weapons
Traffic Cones and Police Tape




As a medical specialist, your job lies in keeping members of the public alive, treating patients for severe wounds, diagnosing injuries and more. Further to this, Ambulance Operators can also heal other players in multiplayer, which is vital in particularly dangerous jobs.


Life-saving work requires life-saving tools and equipment:

Medical bag



The role of the fire department extends far beyond putting out flames, as they work closely with medical services on the scene, prying open crashed cars so that medical staff can get to the injured is vital, for example. The fire department won’t engage in the pursuit of suspects, but will handle the aftermath of an incident, including, of course, putting out fires.


Battling flames and freeing trapped civilians is going to involve some heavy duty gear:

Jaws of Life
Fire Extinguisher


Team up with fellow players online and divide your team between the three emergency services at will. Race around the open world to where you are needed. Work together to help civilians in accidents or clean up the trail left behind from a high-speed car chase.


You’ll receive emergency calls to action, and successfully completing missions will earn you experience points within your department. As you prove yourself to the Emergency Services Division, you’ll be assigned more dangerous and important jobs. But if you start to slip up, don’t be surprised to see yourself falling back down the ranks.

Flashing Lights features a thriving open world that will see emergencies break out through day and night. From bustling city streets to rural countryside mansions, this is an exciting and varied open world. Environmental physics make police car chases all the more engaging, with both you and the suspect leaving your mark on the world.


These screenshots represent a current work in progress depiction of the city we are currently building. The total world size is planned to be a lot larger with various different environments such as a beach, a more rural area with farms and a hilly upper class estate.


Watch the city and its citizens’ behaviour change as you move from day to night. Types of emergency incidents change as the traffic dissipates and the bars open, making drunk drivers and fist fights more common.

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Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS System Requirements

There Are Some System Requirements To Play This Game Smoothly On Free Download Full Version.

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required).
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 – 2.8 GHz.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM.
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7870 1GB or equivalent.
  • Hard Drive: 2 GB Free space.

Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS Free Download

Click start download button get started. You can easily download Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS Game from here.

Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS Free Download PC Game

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